Complete Guide to Playing Roulette Live Casino Online

tbilisiculture – Complete Guide to Playing Roulette Online Live Casino – How to play and guess what number will come out next? Our Judi Online article will give you a way to read the history of numbers that have come out at live casino roulette and hopefully be able to predict what numbers will come out next.

The information in the image above shows that A, B, and C are the shadows of R, G, B, namely Red, Green, and Black. So you can see for yourself how many numbers come out or often appear in the roulette game, namely R or Red or Red which can be seen in column A history and has appeared 39 times. As for the number 0, you can see how it looks in Figure B. Where it only appears 4 times with the color description G or Green or Green. Whereas for B or Black or Black in column C with information that appears frequently 36 times.

In the description in the image above, these are the rules or views for placing bets with the types of bets available in live casino online roulette games. You can also see for yourself that in column A there are Bet Limits or betting limits.

  • Even/Odd which has a minimum or minimum bet limit of 10 and a maximum or maximum of 2000 depending on the site where you play.
  • Dozen/Column has a minimum or minimum limit of 10 and a maximum or maximum of 1,000.
  • Straight Up has a minimum limit of 2 and a maximum of 50.
  • Split has a minimum bet of 2 and a maximum of 100.
  • Running with a minimum bet of 2 and a maximum of 150.
  • Zero Corner has a minimum bet limit of 2 and a maximum of 150.
  • Corner/Zero has a minimum bet of 2 and a maximum of 200.
  • Six Line has a minimum bet limit of 2 and a maximum of 300.

How to Place Live Casino Online Roulette Bets

Then how do you place an live casino roulette bet for the biggest Jackpot? You can see it in the image above. There are several different columns that are assigned letters, namely A, B, C, D, and E. Here are the explanations:

1. A : Chip is the coin that you have and here you can determine the nominal bet. Because there are various kinds of numbers such as 1, 5, 10, 25, and also 100. So choose one of these numbers and place your bet on what number will come out in live casino online roulette.

2. B : Repeat is repetition, so if you place the last bet on number 25 and after that you want to guess with the same number you can use the Repeat button. Because this Repeat will automatically repeat the last number bet. So you don’t need to bother choosing this bet repeatedly, just use repetition, not just numbers, you can also repeat all types of bets.

3. C : Confirm, this button is useful when you have placed your coin in a number with any type of bet, you will automatically be asked to confirm your choice. If you are sure then you can press this button. But once confirmed or confirmed, your bet cannot be cancelled. So it’s a good idea before pressing the confirmation button, you should be more careful and think about your betting options first.

4. D : Cancel All functions to cancel or delete all your bets that have been placed on the table. This button can be used before you press the Confirm button.

5. E : Clear Last functions to cancel or delete the last bet you placed or made. For example, you place a split bet, a straight up bet and finally a Six Line or Line bet. So by pressing Last Delete button, this Six Line bet option will be canceled automatically. Keep in mind that this feature can be used as long as you haven’t pressed the Confirm button.

Note: You can place a bet with any type of bet, as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum limit at the time of betting. For example, if you place Six Line, Straight Up and even this event, you can do it all at once. More than 3 bets are also possible as long as you do not exceed the maximum bet limit.

That’s the complete guide to playing Roulette Live Casino that we can provide this time. For more details, you can contact a trusted online casino site that provides a live chat feature and also a contact who can be contacted.