Types of Sicbo Casino Online Bets

tbilisiculture – For lovers of online gambling games, surely you already know the sicbo game? This game has a type of sicbo casino bet which is divided into several types. Casino Sicbo is a dice game originating from China known as Tai Sai/Tai Siu or also commonly called Big-Small and also High-Low.

This game is usually played directly using 3 dice which will be shaken simultaneously and the players will guess the result of the 3 dice numbers that have been shaken by a trusted online gambling agent by guessing the Odd/Even number.

Types of Sicbo Casino Bets on Live Casino Site

In the sicbo casino gambling game there are several types of bets that are usually provided by the dealer so that players can choose the type of bet they want to play. Maybe below we will explain a little about the causes of the types of sicbo casino bets that exist on trusted live casino sites.
  1. Big and Small Bets
    The first sicbo casino bets are big and small bets. This is the most important bet in the Sicbo casino game which involves small numbers (starting from numbers 4-10) and big numbers (numbers 11-17). And those who manage to win the game in this round will get a profit of 50:50. However, if you only have minimal capital, we recommend not choosing this type of bet because this type has a high percentage of city wins, which is 2.78.
  2. Even and Odd Bets.
    In this bet you have to guess odd numbers (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17) and even (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16), the same as in Big and 16 bets . This little game also has a House Edge. If you win this bet, the profit you will also get is 1:1, and the winning percentage on this bet is 50 percent, so being able to win on this bet is not difficult.
  3. Triple Number Bets (Three Numbers are the same on the dice).
    An example of a triple number is if the numbers that appear on the dice are 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and 666. If you bet on a triple number and win, then your profit will be 24:1, and if you bet a triple number on certain number and also wins, then the profit you will get is 150:1. But you need to know, that to be able to win the game on this bet is very difficult, unlike Big/Small and Odd Even bets where players will win periodically because of the small House Edge.
  4. Single Dice Bets.
    The next sicbo casino bet is the single dice bet. In this bet, players only need to choose one number between 1 and 6. The profit that will be obtained in this bet will be adjusted to the number of dice that have the same number as the dice that is shuffled. As an example:
    – If the number of equal dice is one dice, the profit is 1:1.
    – If both dice have the same number, the profit is 2:1.
    – If you get the same number of dice, namely three dice, then the profit you get is 3:1.
  5. Double Dice Bets.
    In this type of bet you are required to choose 2 of the same numbers, there will be a choice of 6 numbers to choose from. For example, you place a bet number 2 and the number that comes out is 3-2-2, then you win and the profit you will get is 1:11.
  6. Total 3 Dice Bets.
    In this sicbo casino bet, players can place bets on the number of 3 dice between 4 and 17. The profit that can be obtained in this bet ranges from 1:6 to 1:50. As an example:
    – Totals 4 and 14 have odds of 1:50.
    – Totals 5 and 16 have odds of 1:30.
    – Totals 6 and 15 have odds of 1:18.
    – Totals 7 and 14 have odds of 1:12.
    – Totals 8 and 13 have odds of 1:8.
    – Totals 9 and 12 have 1:6 odds.
    – Totals 10 and 11 have odds of 1:6.
That is a brief introduction to sicbo casino gambling which is in great demand by online gambling lovers, if you are interested in trying your luck and want to be able to play this game immediately. Please click on the link for a trusted casino gambling site that we have provided in this article. Thank you to the readers who have listened and read this article to the end.
Have fun!